Welcome to Calitzdorp Spa

Traditionally a Winter Resort getaway, Calitzdorp Spa is equally popular all year round. At the source (the eye), the water temperature reaches 50 degrees Centigrade, and it is a well-known fact that the water of this resort has cured many people over the years, and has definitely offered extraordinary relief to persons suffering from sprains, high blood pressure, bruises and rheumatic complaints.

Our Spa is famous for its natural healing waters with rejuvenating mineral water, which bubbles up from mother earth and contains many minerals with iron and manganese in abundance. The natural hot spring baths will soothe the stress of modern living, leaving you relaxed and ready for whatever eventuality the future may hold for you. Calitzdorp Spa is without fail Your Hinterland Haven that has been blessed by Mother Nature exclusively for you.

The views from the Spa are awesome, and there is so much for enthusiastic eco-tourists to do and see in our very special paradise of nature. Approximately 25 Springbok have made Calitzdorp Spa their home, and they can be seen roaming the resort early morning and late evening. There are also numerous mountain tortoises to be seen, as well as very tame peacock with their chicks looking for handouts.

Calitzdorp Spa is a birdwatchers paradise with over 72-recorded species, and an impressive variety of unique succulents can also be found here
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